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Carpet Flooring in Culver City, CA

Carpet is always a great decision. Right now, there are more carpet flooring options than any time in history, making carpet possible for every household. At Alpine Carpet One Floor & Home of Culver City, CA, we’re delighted to assist with all types of residential and commercial carpet projects.


Not too long ago, carpet flooring wasn’t recommended for large families, pet owners, or those hosting frequent gatherings. This isn’t the case today since many newer carpet innovations resist stains, moisture, and heavy wear-and-tear. Here’s a quick primer on modern carpet.


Types of Carpet


Which type of carpet will work best for you? Now is the time to ask the hard questions about your lifestyle, budget, and space. Don’t worry, whatever your answer, there’s probably a carpet for that! Carpet fibers, or carpet pile, are the threads weaving your rug together. Pile can be either natural or synthetic, and each pile type offers its own set of perks and benefits.


Nylon is a popular all-around synthetic favorite. It has a sturdy build and soft texture and comes in some mixed colors. Polyester is another popular synthetic with an appearance like nylon. Polyester products are generally less expensive than nylon but are comparable performance-wise.


Olefin is a synthetic pile that stands out due to its distinctive.


color spectrum and Berber weaves. Olefin resists daily stains and wear, making it a great commercial option. Triexta is a heavy-duty synthetic pile that’s a terrific stain fighter. It’s prevalent amongst families for this reason. Wool is a popular natural pile that’s warm, durable, and colorful. While it can represent a significant upfront investment, it also tends to last a lot longer than its competitors.


Carpet Installation


Carpet flooring should generally be avoided in kitchens or bathrooms, but other than that, there are very few spaces carpet can’t handle. Dense, stain-proof varieties are recommended for family rooms, kids’ rooms, or hallways. Waterproof carpets are a great choice if you have a new puppy at home. These are just a few examples of common challenges that can be overcome with proper carpet flooring means.


Modern carpet can be at home in many different interior settings. Carpet fares well in both residential and commercial spaces. Choosing the right carpet means taking a careful inventory of your family’s activities, your daily challenges, and of course, your budget and style. There are carpet selections to suit nearly any room, except for kitchens and bathrooms. Have you got any questions? Don’t worry: our experts are always here to help.


Carpet installation can be a stressful process, but our goal is to make things run efficiently. Whether you opt for a professional installation or decide to venture it on your own, you’ll need a clean space to start with. Clean your subfloor entirely, ensuring all traces of old adhesives and debris are eliminated. Of course, it’s always critical to keep in mind that many warranties require a professional installation as a condition of coverage. Always read the fine print.


Our Carpet Selection


At Alpine Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help every customer discover smart, sustainable, and stylish carpet for their homes or businesses. With our immense inventory and expert team, let’s work together to meet your perfect carpet match. To check out our latest carpet displays, please visit us soon at 3961 S. Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City, CA, or call us today at (424) 835-6400. You can also shop our carpet flooring online.



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Carpet Care


Keeping your carpet clean is easier than you think. We recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, but follow the link below for cleaning tips in-between.