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Kitchen and bathroom room scenes

Flooring for Kitchen & Bath

Flooring for Kitchen & Bath

Your kitchen and bathroom floors are faced with tough and constant tasks throughout the day. Constantly exposed to foot traffic, moisture, water, and everyday accidents, it’s easy to understand why choosing appropriate flooring is of utmost importance in such settings. Fortunately for all of us, there are currently more waterproof and moisture-resistant flooring options than any prior time in history!


At Alpine Carpet One Floor & Home, our onsite team of flooring experts is always on hand with all the latest products, tools, and techniques to fit your with the perfect bathroom or kitchen floor, including luxury vinyl flooring and tile in a wide array of textures, nature-inspired visuals, colors, and dimensions. 




Types of Flooring for Kitchen & Bath

Luxury vinyl flooring is made to resist moisture: in fact, some types are even waterproof (more on that below). There are several different types of luxury vinyl flooring, including both tile and plank, with all offering up unique abilities and traits. Affordable, comfortable and warm to walk on, and extremely resilient, luxury vinyl plank flooring is a natural choice for a home’s hectic spaces.  We carry many of the leading luxury vinyl brands, including KarndeanBaroque, and so much more. 


Tile flooring is a longstanding flooring favorite that’s a natural match for moisture. Made of ceramic, porcelain, and other easy-keeping mediums, tile forms a natural barrier against wetness and moisture, and some types even provide traction to protect against slips and falls. Colorful, creative, and easy to customize, tile presents the ideal alternative to the “boring” bathroom. 



Why Waterproof?

Waterproof flooring seems the ultimate flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, for obvious reasons. With waterproof luxury vinyl, for instance, you can essentially create a durable barrier, separating splashes, spills, or leaks from your subfloor. Waterproof flooring is offered up in more styles than ever before: there are even luxury vinyl and tile that looks exactly like hardwood. Whatever your style, rest easy knowing spills can be wiped away without worry and without a trace. 



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Are you on the hunt for new flooring for your kitchen or bathroom? Our onsite kitchen and bathroom experts can direct you towards your perfect products, regardless of your budget or style. Stop by one of our showrooms, with locations in Culver City, Newbury Park, and Thousand Oaks, CA today, and explore our enticing product displays.


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